Looking At IT Service Management Fundamentals

There’s no question that competing in today’s business world means that your online game had better be on point and your IT team needs to be able to handle a wide array of needs. For many business owners the idea of IT service management is a major headache because it requires a high level of technical skill that is important and yet they have little background in. That makes it hard to tell the really good options from those that are not.

IT covers a wide array of ground and it is complicated – even for those who have worked in the IT service management industry. One of the most important ways to make sure you’re getting the right people whether contracting out services to a company or hiring individuals to take care of all IT needs in-house, is making sure the basics.

Best Practices Framework
While the exact best practices standard might change a little bit from one company to another, every truly good IT service should start with the basics, make sure they get those down, and then move forward from there. While it’s not necessary to understand every bit of it, it’s important to be able to see that the company or individuals that are being hired understand the most important steps to providing full services.

IT Services generally have an infrastructure library that goes over six volumes and looks at 26 specific processes. This gets highly technical and differs from things like incident management to internal server & intranet, security, and other management issues.

Different companies will have very different needs, and finding the right IT management for those is crucial. Basically most issues will fall under one of the fundamental pillars of ITSM which includes:

  • Service Transition
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Continual Service Improvement

Finding an IT company that specializes in the pillar you need can make all the difference.